TFS Bug Snapper v1.0 Released

Earlier this month, Grant Holliday created a great little utility, TFS Bug Snapper, to simplify the process of attaching screen captures to work items in Team Foundation Server. While you’re at it, take a look at his Clipboard Image Monitor, which he plans to integrate into TFS Bug Snapper.

I have created a simple tool that allows you to take screenshots and create Bugs in Team Foundation Server with the file attached.

From: TFS Bug Snapper v1.0 Released


Comments (3)

  1. robert says:

    it seems to me that work item are inserted in TFS as task instead of bug.

    is it true or am I wrong ?


  2. I made a VS add-in that allows you to paste things from the clipboard (images, text, files) as attachments to work items.

    It passes through to Edit.Paste if the target isn’t a work item, so I can bind the addin to control-v, so it allows me to get either a screenshot (OneNote is great for that) or some files, or some text from a logfile into my clipboard (potentially through a TS session, another nicety) and then just "paste" it into the work item as either one attachment (in the image or text case) or multiple attachments (in the "copy files from explorer" case).

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