Share Files in Team Foundation Server

From Component Software comes another new application for Team Foundation Server, TFSLinks. If you miss the shared file feature of Visual SourceSafe, TFSLinks can providing similar functionality.

The TFSLinks product maintains the relations between shared files and automatically updates all instances whenever a new revision is checked-in to any copy of the shared file.

From: Share files in TFS (Team Foundation Server) Projects


Comments (4)

  1. Dan Thomas says:

    Hi Rob,

    I’m from a large software development company that is currently looking at Team System. Can you clarify that you cannot link files between branches/versions of a product?

    Can you clarify that this is this what we’re talking about here or is this sharing say between external sources or something?

    We rely on this feature heavily and the decision makers will likely drop TFS out of the running if we cannot maintain linking.

    Any clarification you could provide would be very helpful!


    — Dan =)

  2. RobCaron says:


    Team Foundation Server does not have the sharing functionality you may be familiar with in Visual SourceSafe. Out of the box, you cannot check-in a file in one branch and have it update the same file in multiple branches. It’s my understanding that TFSLinks provides this kind of functionality.

  3. Buck Hodges says:

    Lots of folks have asked for sharing in TFS version control.  While we don’t support it and don’t…

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