CodePlex Project for a Version Control Tree Browser

Michael Ruminer launched a project on CodePlex to develop a version control tree browser for Team Foundation Version Control (TFS Source Code Version Tree Browser). He is currently seeking others to help with this project. If you want to gain some experience working with CodePlex and the Team Foundation object model, contact Michael. For more information, see his blog post (CodePlex and a TFS Project).

My submission to CodePlex for a project Team Foundation Server Source Code Version Tree Browser has been approved and added to the project lists. Team Foundation Server Source Code Version Tree Browser is not yet ready for prime time. I need to get connected to it and begin to set-up the environment. This means I also need to start recruiting members for the team.

From: TFS Source Code Version Tree Browser


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  1. Sam Gentile says:

    Of couse the huge news everywhere is that Bill Gates is stepping down at Microsoft. Its truly the end…

  2. Rob Caron says:

    As reported by Darryl Taft in eWeek (Microsoft Releases CodePlex with 30 Projects), we launched CodePlex…

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