MSBuild Sidekick

From the people who brought you Team Foundation Version Control Sidekick (Attrice) now comes MSBuild Sidekick, which is an application to create and modify MSBuild project files without the hassle of editing XML.

Creating even complicated build files doesn't make developer to focus such details as XML element attributes names and format, allowing instead to focus on build process the project describes, so knowledge of XSD schema is not necessary. With MSBuild Sidekick, it takes minutes to create build file with no manual editing at all!

From: MSBuild Sidekick version 1.0 is released


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  1. Blog-a-Styx says:

    Vu  sur le blog de Rob Caron aujourd’hui : un lien vers une boite dont j’avais loupé l’existence, Attrice,…

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