Seeking Experiences Implementing Team Foundation Server

A friend of mine is writing a book about Team Foundation Server. He’d like to speak with people who have experience implementing Team Foundation Server to better understand the practical issues, and to explore problem resolution strategies. If you’re interested in speaking with him, please contact me directly and I’ll put you in touch. 


Comments (2)

  1. Sam says:

    In the absence of this forthcoming book, is anyone aware of existing best practices implementing & integrating TFS into development processes? I’m currently struggling with applying the "team project is the root of its own source code repository" concept to our existing development lifecycle.

  2. says:


    I agree. The current best resources are blogs and inference/deduction/explicit determination of patterns from others posts on the forums. I believe this blog (Rob Caron’s) has addressed some of the questions about deciding what to do in determining at what level to create Team Projects- but I think your question goes beyond that.

    The most common question I hear from clients is how to decide on Team Project and Source Code structures when first implementing. And what to do about the mismatch they seem to feel about how they control source and how they run projects. I just posted on my blog a few thoughts on those questions and what some of the answers should be (kind of answered).

    Or atleast what the question really means, what an interum answer might be and what the question really should be.

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