Moving Prerelease Team Foundation Server

I’ve answered this question a couple of times in as many days, so it’s time to blog it. If you have a prerelease version of Team Foundation Server (see Team Foundation Server Upgrade Matrix), but it’s not running on the hardware you want to deploy it on, and you want to preserver your data, I would suggest upgrading to RTM before attempting to move your server to new hardware. We do have help for Moving Team Foundation Server.


Comments (3)

  1. Keith R. Smith says:

    Rob – I have a team system install running on a VirtualPC at the moment and want to move it to dedicated hardware.  

    It is single-server and I want to move to same (with same workgroup and same machine name).  Five times I had tried this and I have not succeeded in moving my system.

    There are plenty (too many!) documents but they are very confusing as they link back & forth to each other.  Can we please have a single document for each different move scenario?



  2. RobCaron says:

    In the VPC, are you already upgraded to RTM bits?

  3. Keith R. Smith says:

    The VPC is (and always was) RTM.


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