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Last week I paid a visit to J.D. Meier over in patterns & practices to take a look at Guidance Explorer, which is a relatively new project on GotDotNet.

I've been relatively quiet these past few weeks, getting ready to release our patterns & practices Guidance Explorer. Guidance Explorer is a new, experimental tool from the patterns & practices team that radically changes the way you consume guidance as well as the way we create it. If you’ve felt overwhelmed looking across multiple sources for good security or performance guidance then Guidance Explorer is the tool for you.

From: Test Our patterns & practices Guidance Explorer

After meeting with J.D., I began to see this tool as something more than a vehicle for guidance content. I see it as being potentially useful for many other forms of content (e.g., release notes, FAQs, articles, etc.). Add the ability to subscribe to updates and you have something really cool. Could this be the future of product documentation?


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