A Value-Up Paradigm

The first chapter from Sam Guckenheimer’s book (Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System), A Value-Up Paradigm, is available on InformIT.  

Previously, software engineering projects were managed from a "work-down" perspective, where software engineering is a deterministic exercise, similar to other engineering pursuits. This chapter introduces the concept of a "value-up" perspective, in which the project is allowed to change to meet the expectations of the end-user, rather than the intentions of the designers.

From: Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System: A Value-Up Paradigm


Comments (3)

  1. Michael says:

    Excuse, my English is not good.

    Would you please explain the meaning of "work-down" and "value-up" ?

  2. RobCaron says:

    Value-up places emphasis on constantly adding value to the project as the driving factor over working through a list of planned tasks. The project is done when the value is delivered, not when the task list is empty.

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