Interview with Team System MVP Richard Hundhausen

Catch Scott Swigart’s interview with Team System MVP and author Richard Hundhausen for Dr. Dobb’s. The first half of the interview focuses on DSL Tools and Team Edition for Architects, but it gives way to the other aspects of Team System in the second half.

Scott Swigart recently sat down with Richard Hundhausen to talk about how Visual Studio 2005 Team System is being used in the real world. As a principal of Accentient (, Richard has provided extensive consulting and training to companies seeking to implement Team System. Richard is also one of the few Microsoft Team System MVPs, and author of Working with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System (Microsoft Press, 2005).

From: VSTS: In the Wild


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  1. This is an interesting interview to get your head wraped around some of the

    tools in Visual Studio…

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