Guidelines for Test-Driven Development

After last year’s TDD Help Topic Flap, we asked Jeffrey Palermo to write an article on the topic. He was quick to write it, but it didn’t get published as fast as we wanted. Anyway, it’s live now. We hope this does a better job of addressing the topic as it relates to Team System.

Find out how to incorporate Visual Studio Team System into test-driven development practices emphasized in Agile development methodologies.

From: Guidelines for Test-Driven Development


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  1. Jonathan says:

    I had a quick question though about production view type work atmospheres.  We’re running Team System Beta 3, but we’re trying to optimize out performance.  After doing some research I found this site so I thought I would ask anyway.

    For a test/production view type atmosphere, what would be the best route to go using these new tools in Visual Studio and Team System with Source Control so that it’s easy to do Q/A against code, verify it, check it into production, then be able to compile the next build based simply off of that production view instead of having to go through any notes of ‘oh yeah, we tested this file already’.  But instead having it all right there in a simple click or view.

    What would be your suggestions for this?  Do you know of any great tutorials for this?  I tried to do some research to find the best method, but I couldn’t come up with much using this Beta software.  Please advise.

  2. Rob Caron links to the new MSDN article on TDD.

    This is a lot better than the original MSDN article…

  3. RobCaron says:

    Jonathan, it sounds like you’re describing something close to continuous integration. Take a look at this article:

  4. Jonathan says:

    Thanks Rob!  Yeah, that does look a lot more like what I’m looking for.  Thanks for the tip!

  5. If you remember the article in October that was on MSDN on Test-Driven Development, you remember the…

  6. Dag H. Baardsen says:

    Glad you managed to fix this glitch 🙂 Happy TDD’ing to you all!

  7. Rob Caron celebrates the 2nd anniversary of his blog. Some other recent posts: Windows PowerShell script…

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