Hands on with Microsoft Team System

I received e-mail this morning from Tim Anderson of ITWriting.com announcing the publication of his Team System review on The Register

His review speaks highly of the Team Foundation installation docs, most of which I wrote for earlier releases until late last year when I handed them off to someone else.

He wrote that you need Active Directory for user management in Team Foundation Server, but you can also use the product with local Windows user accounts; however, it’s easier to manage a large number of domain users with Active Directory.

[Team System] is a weighty suite of tools, covering the software lifecycle from initial design through to final build. Features include system and application design; source configuration management; code analysis and profiling; web and load testing; unit testing; bug tracking; and build management. On top of all this, Team System creates project portal sites, enabling team members to collaborate and to monitor progress.

From: Hands on with Microsoft Team System | The Register

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