DSL Tools: Model-Driven Development of .NET Enterprise Applications

There’s a new technical article on MSDN about using the Domain-Specific Language (DSL) tools, including designer construction and code generation. It was written by Susan Entwisle and Steve Eadie of Electronic Data Systems (EDS).

Model-Driven Development represents the next logical step forward in software development methods and practices. It aims to facilitate the automatic construction of a software solution from a high-level domain-specific specification. This approach seeks to promote productivity, maintainability, expressiveness, and to aid in the management of complexity by supporting higher levels of abstraction and the systematic reuse of domain-specific assets. In this article, we explore the role of domain-specific languages and Visual Studio 2005 Domain Specific Language Tools (DSLs) and show how they can be used to automate the generation of an enterprise application for the .NET platform.

From: Visual Studio 2005: Domain-Specific Language Tools: Model-Driven Development of .NET Enterprise Applications


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