Testing and the Flow of Value in Software Development

Are you attending STAREAST 2006 in May? If so, be sure to attend this keynote (Testing and the Flow of Value in Software Development) by Sam Guckenheimer, Group Product Planner for Visual Studio Team System. In addition, Sam’s book, Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, hits the shelves in May.

High quality software should be measured by the value it delivers to customers, and high quality software process should be measured by the continual flow of customer value. Modern processes have taught us that managing flow is all about the constraints restricting that flow. Testing, rather than being thought of as a conduit in that flow, is often perceived as an obstacle. It doesn’t help that most testers struggle to answer the questions that their managers ask: What has and hasn’t been tested? What do we need to test next? Where do we need to shift resources? If it works in the lab, why isn’t it working on those production machines? Where do we need to fix the performance or security? The ability—or inability— to answer these questions can determine the success and budget of a test team as well as how it is valued by its organization. Sam Guckenheimer explores these questions with metrics examples from both healthy and unhealthy projects. He contrasts the use of these metrics to current practices, which often only emphasize effort and bug counts. In these examples, Sam uses Microsoft Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) to collect and report measurements and to suggest corrective actions.

From: Software Testing Analysis & Review (STAREAST 2006) Conference: Keynote Sessions


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  1. Jeff Rashka says:

    The VERIFY 2006 International Software Conference will be held 10-11 October 2006 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Washington DC with a special focus on security testing.  Conference will address real world testing problems, presented by practitioners who have actual hands-on testing experience.  The conference addresses technical software testing solutions, i.e. security-, database-, automated-, agile-testing, test modeling, etc.  

    The conference provides a strong technical program presented by industry leaders and published authors experienced with actual software implementations. Keynote, feature and track presentations, plus half-day tutorials.  Main keynote will be given by Chris Wysopal, Application Security Expert.  Chris will address quality assurance in the design process, securing common enterprise application vulnerabilities, security test techniques, and best practices for developers to create more secure code. See webpage below.


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