Colligo Reader for SharePoint

Colligo Reader from Colligo Networks (a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner)

I’ve been wanting an application like Colligo Reader for a long time. I can’t think of how many times I’ve asked someone to send me a document in e-mail because I wasn’t attached to the corporate network to retrieve the document from a SharePoint site myself. Now you can download and synchronize your own off-line copy of a SharePoint site, including document libraries and lists (with some limitations). For more information, see the UserGuide.

Colligo Reader is currently a beta product (Beta 3 was released on 4/13). Colligo Reader is free, but for a fee (US$99.99 intro price) you will be able to upgrade to Colligo Contributor, which adds off-line editing, two-way synchronization, and conflict resolution. For a full feature comparison, see the Colligo for SharePoint feature chart.

As indicated on the Colligo site, Office 2007 is supposed to have some of this off-line functionality; however, today I’m using Office 2003. In addition, Colligo indicates their solution will provide functionality not found in Office 2007.

Colligo Reader is a free product that lets you easily download SharePoint content and read it while you are working offline. It works entirely on your laptop - no server components are required. And it's very easy to download and install. Please provide us a bit of information and we will give you a link that will enable you to download it now. Within minutes, you will be viewing your favourite SharePoint sites offline.

From: Colligo for SharePoint : Download Free Reader

Cost: Free

One nit – they don’t let you configure (as far as I can tell) which drive you store the synchronized files. Instead, it puts everything in a compressed folder under: %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\ColligoOfflineClient.

They have a related product blog here:


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