Mindjet Requirements Manager

I downloaded the trial for Mindjet MindManager last month and was impressed with their level of Office integration. Over the weekend I received mail about a project (Mindjet Requirements Manager) that integrates MindManager with Team System, specifically, Team Foundation Server. Be sure to read the “How This Was Built” section. Very cool.

Use MindManager to create software requirements documents and turn those requirements into work items on Microsoft Visual Studio Team System. The requirements map then becomes a bi-directional link to the work items.

From: Mindjet Requirements Manager

In addition, see this blog post (How to Build an Enterprise Integration in 4 Days) by Michael Scherotter for more of the background on this project.


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  1. My VSTS Blog says:

    This morning I came across a blog post from Rob Caron entitled Mindjet Requirements Manager. I’ve…

  2. Of course, one of the reasons that I did this was to demonstrate how easy it was to integrate with MindManager.  I’ll be coming up to Seattle in two weeks for the Seattle Mind Camp (http://www.seattlemind.com/) to continue this conversation…


  3. I had so much fun at Microsoft last week, that I’ll be coming up to Seattle in two weeks for the Seattle Mind Camp (http://www.seattlemind.com/).  Bring your ideas and reactions about this integration and we’ll chat!


  4. Manish Agarwal talks about configuring desktop builds for building specific solutions in Team Build….

  5. I’ve been extremely impressed with MindJet’s MindManager, and have been using it for a while now.  For organizing your thoughts, tasks, plans, etc… – it is a tremendous time saver.  They’ve made it unbelieveably easy to categorize thoughts, keeping your fingers on the keys, and rarely having to use the mouse!  if you do have to (for moving items to groups or prioritizing your thoughts) – the user experience is quick, simple, and easy.   Worth every penny!

    I’m looking forward to trying the Requirements Manager product per your recommendation.

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