Essential Unified Process Coming in June

According to the Ivar Jacobson International site, Essential Unified Process (EssUP) is launching at the end of June. In a previous post (Essential Unified Process (Essential UP)), I blogged about an eWeek article by Darryl Taft on the partnership between IJI and Microsoft to provide EssUP in Team System.

Ivar Jacobson International are pleased to announce an event to formally launch the Essential Unified Process. This will be held at the Natural History Museum in central London UK on 27th June 2006.

From: Ivar Jacobson International

According to the IJI site, the Essential Unified Process:

…provides a light weight set of software development practices that can be adopted in an agile manner to produce quality software. Essential UP is an evolution of the Unified Process originally developed ten years ago, which forms the foundation of Rational Unified Process (RUP). Essential UP differs in that it is a departure from heavy process techniques and offers substantial improvements based on over ten years of customer experience.

From: Ivar Jacobson International


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