Renaming a Team Foundation Server

Congratulations on installing Team Foundation Server. However, it turns out that management is not pleased with your choice of server name, which is some off-beat allusion that would leave even Dennis Miller scratching his head.

What now? You could start over with a more acceptable server name. Or, you could follow the steps Martin Danner provides on his other blog, Martin’s Shoebox. I’m just not 100% certain if this will ‘fix-up’ everything if you’ve already created a team project since I haven’t tried this yet myself.

Do you want to rename a host computer after you've installed Microsoft Team Foundation Server on it? It's actually very easy.

From: Martin's Shoebox - How to rename a Team Foundation Server


Comments (3)

  1. Anutthara talks about using Team Build with VSS or your own source control.

    Paul Whitaker blogs about…

  2. wbbeasley says:

    Turns out it is more complicated than above link.  Microsoft addressed this in more detail.  Note there are small differences between multi-server configuration and single-server configuration.

    It is sad it is this complicated.

  3. Ian Holdsworth says:

    Shame the Link is broken this sounded like just the thing I needed 🙁

    The post is over 7 years old and may have only applied to TFS 2005. A lot has changed since then. I'll see if I can find a more recent link. – Rob

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