Pro Visual Studio 2005 Team System eBook

Today, I learned about this new offer from an e-mail Ian Smith sent me.

Apress has a new program called betaBook, which lets you purchase an electronic version of titles that are in the final phase of publication. This gets you early access to new titles at a steep discount from the retail price of the hardcopy version before the book is published.

For example, Pro Visual Studio 2005 Team System by Jeff Levinson & David Nelson, which will retail for US$49.99, is available for US$25.00. Only two chapters are currently available, but you’ll continue receiving chapters as they become available up until the publication date of May 1. At that time, you get a complete eBook of the finished book.

Apress betaBooks give you access to the newest programming topics straight from the author, via weekly PDF chapters and updates, all before the final printed versions are published. Eight weeks before the book's final publication—and before other books on the topic are released—the first several chapters of an Apress betaBook become available. After that, available updates or new chapters are delivered weekly to your inbox.

From: Apress betaBook Program

Thanks for the tip, Ian!


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  1. TravisOwens says:

    You don’t get a special discount by buying a beta book, if you look at their site all eBooks are around $25.

    What they’re offering is the ability to buy a book in it’s beta state, if there is a discount, it’s $5 or less by the looks of it.  Of course when the book is finished you get the final copy.

    IMHO the only time this will look appealing is for bleeding edge technology.  Like when our company got our hands on the RTM edition of Sharepoint 2003 there was absolutely no documentation available to help us.  Buying a beta book on the subject would have been a nice thing to have.

  2. RobCaron says:

    Correct – it’s a discount compared to the hardcopy version. I just tweaked the post to reflect that.

  3. irascian says:

    I agree that this is aimed very much for those who are "bleeding edge", but it’s nice to have the option. With regard to the "Pro VSTS" book the first two chapters referred to above are just the initial "Introductory Overview" and a chapter on "Class Designer". As a developer I thought the "Introductory Overview" did a better job of introducing the system in its concise 14 pages than the whole of the repetive and relatively content free Microsoft Press "Working with Visual Studio Team System" book which is all that’s available on the bookshelves at the moment managed to do.

    The second chapter (Chapter 11, 27 pages) is the first in the section intended to cover Team Edition for Software Developers and is about "Class Designer". While this is a subject which has already had quite a bit of coverage and isn’t particularly difficult to get to grips with, there were some things I didn’t know in the chapter, and I particularly liked the explanation of "Microsoft, UML and Visio". It’s early days yet and I’d hoped for more than just a couple of chapters covering the basics, especially with the complete book scheduled to be fully available in electronic form in just a few weeks. But I think this is a good start for those of us who’ve ordered the paper version already based on the idea that we want a bit of hand-holding rather than wading through very long and rather dry chm files that don’t print out for that easy read on the commute the way a pdf file does.

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