Team Foundation Server Trial on Microsoft Downloads

Are you eager to try Team Foundation Server, but you don’t have an MSDN Subscription to access the download, or you don’t want to wait to order and receive a CD in the mail?

We just put the English 180–day Trial Edition on Microsoft Downloads to make it more accessible. We also plan to make localized versions (e.g., Japanese, French, etc.) available for download once they’re ready.

The download is a CD image file (.ISO) that is around 447 MB, so be sure you have a reliable connection with adequate bandwidth for a successful download. Microsoft Downloads doesn’t have a file transfer manager like MSDN Subscriber Downloads, which helps with files of this size.

To install Team Foundation Server, you should also download:


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  1. My VSTS Blog says:

    Those people lucky enough to be covered by an MSDN Universal/Premium subscription often tend to forget…

  2. If you happened to catch the Team Foundation Server demo at GDC last week or you’ve just been eager to…

  3. Eric Willeke says:

    Question: since we haven’t actually seen the SKU’s on techdata yet, can an installation of the 180 day demo be unlocked to be a full retail version once we acquire a key?  We would use the one off our MSDN, but that’s a 5-user limited version until we get our key.

  4. Jason Barile does some catching up with Team Foundation QA.

    The Hippie Coder shows us how to get the…

  5. jackie says:

    Workgroup edition?Thanks.

  6. Eric says:

    Right – I can download the workgroup edition, but that’s 5-user limited.  We’re planning on buying the licenses we need for our servers as soon as we can, but five users isn’t enough to get things moving.  So, the question is: is the 180 day demo user-limited and can it be upgraded to a full license easily?

  7. Any chance will get a Team Suite trial download soon?  We’re worried the beta won’t work with the RTM trial of TFS.

  8. RobCaron says:

    Team Foundation Server Standard Edition doesn’t have the user limitation that Workgroup Edition has. In addition, you can upgrade from Trial to Standard by updating the product key in Maintenance Mode (running setup again from Add/Remove Programs).

  9. RobCaron says:

    We’re investigating options for making Suite Trial available for download.

  10. jackie-xu says:

    Where to find the difference between the workgroup /standard/enterprise(if have) version?

  11. RobCaron says:

    The differnce is simple – all are the exact same with the following exceptions:

    – Trial expires after 180 days.

    – Workgroup is limited to five users and no CALs are required; only available to those with a Team Edition and MSDN Premium subscription.

  12. todd brooks says:

    Except the Workgroup Edition is not available for downloadinf from MSDN Subscriber Downloads for MS Partners 🙁

  13. rootbeer says:

    Well, I am relieved I can still get tryouts of products without having to work in the corporate environments where MSDN Libraries are abound. Trial editions of software is critical for me at this point for many reasons and encourages interaction from my side.


    This is a memo for my installation of Microsoft Team Foundation Server, in case I’ll have to…

  15. Rexiology... says:


    crosspost from

    This is a memo for my installation of Microsoft…

  16. B Williams says:

    The download is now not availble. Is there any reason for this?

    Hope this is just temporary as I only have a short period to evaluate a lot of new technology.

    Many thanks,


  17. RobCaron says:

    Team Foundation Server Trial Edition is available for download again.

  18. Felipe says:

    Hi folks, how do I know which version I’m currently have installed? In Add/Remove programs there’s no clue for that.



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