Team System Security Features and Tools

The Visual Studio 2005 Security Features and Tools page has a number of links to useful articles and a number of multimedia presentations from Wintellect, including a number of presentations directly related to the security features and tools found in Team System:

  • Application Verifier
  • Application Verifier (Low Bandwidth)
  • Code Analysis/FxCop
  • Code Analysis/FxCop (Low Bandwidth)
  • Code Coverage
  • Code Coverage (Low Bandwidth)
  • PREfast and SAL
  • PREfast and SAL (Low Bandwidth)
  • VSTS Check-In Policies and Integrated Bug Tracking
  • VSTS Check-In Policies and Integrated Bug Tracking (Low Bandwidth)
  • VSTS Security Enhancements at a Glance
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    1. Buck Hodges blogs about TFS Standby application tier and database clustering.

      James Manning shows…

    2. Don’t forget the security guidance in MSF…

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