Scrum for Team System Released

Conchango’s Scrum for Team System process template is now available for download - and it’s free! On that site you’ll also find online Process Guidance containing multimedia content from Ken Schwaber.

Scrum for Team System is a free Agile Software Development Methodology add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, developed by Conchango, in collaboration with Ken Schwaber and the Microsoft Technology Centre UK.

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Comments (5)

  1. Fran Mendoza says:

    This is a mistake.

    The creators of Scrum are: Takeuchi and Nonaka.

    And Jeff Sutherland the first practicioner.


  2. Está disponível para download o Scrum for Team System da Conchango. Com ele é possível adicionar ao Team…

  3. Zuz says:

    Scrum as an Agile software development approach has been created by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland who reused lots of ideas from Takeuchi and Nonaka (who didn’t write anything about software development). The term Scrum itself to indicate these ideas takes inspiration from the seminal work of Takeuchi and Nonaka.

  4. The following links to .NET resources have been collated over time with the assistance of colleagues. …

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