Next Gen Agile Software Development

Randy Miller, PM on MSF for Agile Software Development, has a post that examines the next generation of agile software development that builds upon the lessons learned in the first generation. He also talks about the “Chinese menu” approach to agile that many teams are using to create hybrid processes. I first attended a seminar by NetObjectives back in 2003 called, “Comparing RUP, XP, and Scrum: Mixing a Process Cocktail for Your Team,” which talked about borrowing what works from a number of processes to concoct your own.

[I]f you have been to one of agile conferences recently (or even one of the major software development conferences), you are aware that there is an ever growing array of techniques available to agile developers to incorporate things that were missing from these agile processes such as the use of testers to test. The agile community has not stood still; it is evolving.

From: Randy Miller's Blog : Second Generation Agile Software Development


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  1. Maurice says:

    In retailing this is called ‘the wheel of retail’, discounters often become full-service shops as time goes by and new discount supermarkets appear on the horizon, which in turn become full-service shops.

    Although innovation is good the Agile methods must strive to remain true to their origin: a ‘barely enough’ process.

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