Work Item Type Designer

Darren Jefford launched a GotDotNet workspace for his VSTS Work Item Type Designer, which is built on a work item type domain-specific language using the DSL Tools. You can read more about the designer, and view some screen captures, on his blog (VSTS Work Item Type Designer Preview).

A DSL Tools based Designer (Modeling tool) that allows you to visualize Work Item Type definitions exported from Team System and enables easy modification and creation via a graphical modeling tool instead of the XML document approach currently relied on.

From: VSTS Work Item Type Designer: Workspace Home


Comments (4)

  1. Glad to see this… I blogged on it today and had tossed around the idea in January that it would be an ideal fit. Look forward to working with it!

  2. Buck Hodges talks about how to validate check-in policies, evaluate check-in notes, and check for conflicts….

  3.  One of the fun things after being gone for a while is catching up on all the good news you missed…

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