Ordering Team Foundation Server

I thought I’d expand on the post I made over the weekend, Team Foundation Server on MSDN Subscriber Downloads.

Team Foundation Server shipped last week, and you may want to order and install it today. When we ‘RTM’ a product, that means it is handed-off from the product team to the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, it takes a little bit of time for that process to yield boxes to purchase.

Team Foundation Server

In the interim, you can download Team Foundation Server Trial Edition, which is Standard Edition with a 180–day trial period. This allows you “…to demonstrate and internally evaluate it.” Once you purchase (see How to Buy) the snazzy blue Standard Edition box, or obtain it through some other channel (such as Volume Licensing), you can upgrade your installed Trial Edition to Standard Edition (see Team Foundation Server on MSDN Subscriber Downloads).

If you need to order media for Team Foundation Server Trial Edition, you can visit the Get Visual Studio 2005 Trial site. After you select your region, you’ll be directed to a page for your part of the world where you should be able to order Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite Trial Edition, which includes Team Foundation Server, or you can just order Team Foundation Server (Note - it'll probably take a few weeks before this media contains the RTM bits).

The last I checked, the pages still list Team Foundation Server Beta 3 Refresh, but you should actually receive the RTM version of the software once it is available on disc. We’re working to get the text updated on those pages.


Comments (7)

  1. Well. That was rather painless. We’ve just completed the upgrade of our internal dogfooding instance of Team Foundation Server to the 180-day trial edition from the MSDN download site. Having personally been one of the lucky few to have…

  2. todd brooks says:

    Can the RTM trial version be "updated" to the Workgroup edition?

    I’m a Certified Partner with ISV Competancy and I still don’t have access to VS.NET 2005 Team Edition for Software Developers or the TFS Workgroup Edition.  I’ve logged numerous support requests with Certified Partner support and MSDN support to no avail.  I really don’t want to wait until (at earliest) the May 2006 MSDN shipment to get the TFS Workgroup version.

  3. RobCaron says:

    Todd – send me an e-mail (robcaron@microsoft.com) and I’ll see if I can help you with your subscription issue.

  4. Buck Hodges talks about how to validate check-in policies, evaluate check-in notes, and check for conflicts….

  5. Likewise "CAL" might represent a client access license, but only a licsensing expert knows it.

    I get…

  6. Peter Christopher says:

    We have upgraded to the Workgroup Edition but quickly realized that we do indeed need more than 5 licenses, and therefore the standard edition. Our volume license reseller claims that we can’t buy it until May 1st. Is this true? If so,  that wasn’t at all clear to me…

  7. RobCaron says:

    Yes, that’s true. Before a product can join the price list, it must ship. Unfortunately, we shipped just past the cutoff for the April price list. That’s why it won’t be available for volume licensing purchase until the May price list comes out. It’s quite possible you’ll be able to buy shrink-wrapped product from Amazon before then.

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