Martin Woodward on Team System

I first had a chance to meet Martin Woodward at VSLive! San Francisco in January, and had another opportunity to him again at SDWest this past week. He’s part of the team creating Teamprise, which makes Team Foundation Server accessible to those using Eclipse and those running on UNIX, Linux, or the Mac OS. One of these days we’ll make it from exhibit floor to bar for a beer.

Anyway, I’m catching up on my blog reading and I found this post he wrote while flying to San Francisco for SDWest. In the post he blogs about preparing for his presentation at the show (see SD West Slide Deck), and he shares some great observations about Team System.

I was just trying to figure out what I am trying to say (which is basically Team System is cool you should buy it, hey while you have the corporate card out why not take a look at our company). A couple of things struck me while I messing in PowerPoint so I though I would write them here - I'm very easily distracted when it comes to preparing for talks...

From: Martin Woodward: Foxe Basin


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  1. Buck Hodges points out that manually modifying the TFS database is a bad idea.

    Eric Lee gives us Backing…

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