Integrating patterns & practices Guidance with MSF

J.D. Meier of patterns & practices (p&p) fame has a post about that provides some history on how he and his team partnered with Randy Miller and the rest of the MSF team, which led to “…exposing p&p Security Engineering which is baked into MSF Agile by default.” 

Around mid 2004, Randy Miller approached me with "I want to review MSF Agile with you with the idea of incorporating your work." I didn't know Randy or what to make of MSF Agile, but it sounded interesting.

From: J.D. Meier's Blog : MSF/VS 2005 and p&p Integration

As we progress, you'll see even greater integration between p&p and Team System “…to bake security and performance in the life cycle and the tools.”


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  1. Rob Caron says:

    In the drive for safer coding, Paul Maher (Microsoft UK) and Alex Mackman (CM Group Ltd) assembled…

  2. Buck Hodges points out that manually modifying the TFS database is a bad idea.

    Eric Lee gives us Backing…

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