MSDN Enhanced Search

Maybe this is just new to me, but MSDN has an enhanced search now powered by MSN Search that includes a tab for searching MSDN Blogs. You can also subscribe to search results using RSS.

MSDN Enhanced Search


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  1. Rob,

    try searching for "pending chechins" and see what it suggests one might be searching for. next, try the link it suggests…


    thomas woelfer

  2. Gaurav says:

    As long as MSDN cannot find "createfil" and "infocrd", I would say it sucks.

  3. Rob Caron Blog Roundup:

    Organizing Team Projects

    Team System Wins Jolt Award

    Upgrading To Team Foundation…

  4. "Pending Chechins" – it was almost funny :), but its a problem – and we’re listening…  We are talking with the good-folk at MSN about getting a more targetted dictionary for just our document set – will mean fewer lame chicken suggested queries – though did you know that you can find dogs and sheep on MSDN 😉

    Gaurav – what would have been the ideal documents for both these queries?  Even the g**gle finds little or nothing on domains for these terms.

    Steve Butler

    Software Architect

    MSDN & Technet Product Group

  5. Scott Munro says:

    It has been years since I used MSDN's built in search functionality. I find that with google (and

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