Team Foundation Server SDK Samples

One of my colleagues in Team System documentation, Fran Langlois, is seeking your feedback on how best to equip the Team Foundation Server SDK with the most useful sample code to help you learn the SDK. See his post and please provide feedback. 

My question to the user community is this: What do you want in an SDK? Specifically, what do want from the code samples? SDKs tend to ship code samples that follow one of two models. We'll call them: The Whole Enchilada and Crawl/Walk/Run.

From: Visual Studio Team System User Education : Team Foundation Server SDK question


Comments (3)

  1. says:

    That is a great news. Samples are always welcome to get started but I’d prefer Crawl/Walk/Run model.

    Looking forward to the SDK.


  2. Wrda says:

    Any sample about extesibility of TS and TFS will be usefull.

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