Continuous Integration Using an LCD-TV

Here’s an example of using continuous integration with Team Foundation Server to advertise the build state and draw attention to those who break the build (take a look at the build failure screen), which should provide sufficient encouragement not to do so.


You have probably seen examples of doing CI (Continuous Integration) using lamps. Shortly explained, the idea is that when the build breaks, the red lamp is turned on and when the build is ok, the green lamp is turned on. It's a pretty cool feature, so I thought of moving this idea a step further! Lamps are for dinosaurs 🙂

From: - Continuous Integration using an LCD-TV


Comments (2)

  1. Peter Ritchie says:

    Wish I had time to do stuff like that.  Hmm, if I did I wouldn’t be building anything.

  2. DagH says:

    You should take the time for your team’s sake. This helps everybody save time!!!

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