The Origami Mini-PC

I don’t know about most people, but I’ve wanted something in this form factor for a long, long time. I’ve been drooling over the OQO site for ages and their latest addition, the OQO model 01+; however I was always put off by the price tag (US$2k range). The Origami PC is a bit larger than the OQO device (it seems to be on par with the Toshiba Libretto), the promise of something under US$1k makes it a decent trade-off for me. As anyone who knows me can attest, I’m addicted to my connected devices. My i-mate JasJar has been useful, but I’m anxious for a small device running Windows XP. I want one. Now.

Microsoft Corp. finally took the wraps off its mysterious Project Origami on Thursday, unveiling a computer that's about the size of a large paperback book but runs a full version of the Windows XP operating system.

From: Redmond | News: Microsoft Reveals Origami Mini-PC


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  1. Jim Glass Jr says:

    Ah, for the all-in-one device that fits in your back pocket. :o)

    I have a four year old Motorola cell phone that recieves e-mail, stores my calendar and address book and accesses the internet. Moving up to a device with the same functionality and a keyboard pushes the cost over $500.

    I’m still thinking about it. BTW, you notice how many people shove their PDAs in their front pocket? What’s that about–it can’t be comfortable.

  2. smith says:

    started with a CE1.0 cassiopia had a nice keyboard but b/w was rough.  Went iPaq 3000x for PPC2002/2003, still not there but the Calligrapher was awesome.  Bought a Samsung i730 a week before it was official even though it was 2003SE, really really nice but still no cigar with the extra $60 a month for "unlimited EVDO" that actually is very limited when you read the fine print.  Tried the truly-unlimited EDVO on the OQO-knockoff Sprint 6700 which proved to me that WM5.0 wasn’t all that great after all and preferred 2003SE.  Decided to just live with EDGE with the WM5Smartphone 2125 (made by the same company that makes the 6700).  It’s fine, and I had primary laptops from a 17" presentation to a 15" horse to a 12" Averatec airplaner.

    But still the dream was the full Windows machine that I can put in my pocket.

    As most geeks, I "always wanted" an OQO but that price and Transmeta kept getting in the way.

    In the end the OQO still got my eye once a month and that didn’t change at all with the announcement of larger Origami and I got the perfect machine from a dark horse vendor… my final "not quite small enough but completely PERFECT real Windows box is":

    Fujitsu p1510d. Tablet PC convertable 2.2 pounds 5.5 hours with the extended battery.

    Hands down, this has put me off even caring about the ever-dwindling Origami specs.

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