Somasegar and LaPlante Talk Team Foundation Server with Lindquist

Soma and Rick LaPlante also (see previous post) recently spoke with Chris Lindquist, who wrote about it (Microsoft To Fix Your Development Problems This Month) in his blog on

Later this month, the company will launch Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server. I recently met with S. "Soma" Somasegar, Microsoft's development division VP and Rick LaPlante, general manager for the developer division about Team Foundation Server. Even after setting my reality-distortion shields on "full," I found myself nodding in agreement about much of what they were saying.

From: CIO Blogs - Microsoft To Fix Your Development Problems This Month |

I like this quote, too:

Team Foundation looks like it will surround development efforts with a container the clarity of a fishbowl rather than a bowling ball. But you'll still need business analysts and the like standing outside where it's dry to translate business requirements into something Nemo can understand--and to keep overeager end users from dumping a whole box of food into the tank in an effort to make him code faster.

From: CIO Blogs - Microsoft To Fix Your Development Problems This Month |


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  1. Eric Matz says:

    Wow, that second quote is a metaphorical masterpiece…nice!  I now understand the reasoning behind the boxes of bagels and donuts that seem to mysteriously appear outside my cube…

  2. Charles Young has written an article on Team Foundation Server: Experiences with Team Build.

    The Visual…

  3. denny says:

    still to darn hard to install….

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