Somasegar and LaPlante on Team System and Atlas

Soma and Rick LaPlante recently met with CRN to talk about Team System and Atlas. You can find highlights on CRN’s site.

Microsoft is on track to release its Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server this month, adding the highly anticipated final component to the new Visual Studio 2005 Team System development platform it shipped in November. In advance of that milestone, Microsoft executives S. "Soma" Somasegar, vice president of the developer division, and Rick LaPlante, general manager of Visual Studio Team System, sat down to talk with CRN about Microsoft's overhauled developer-tools philosophy and about forthcoming projects like Atlas, Microsoft's AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) tools framework. Below are edited highlights from the discussion.

From: CRN | Visual Studio, AJAX | Q&A: Microsoft Execs On Atlas and Microsoft's Tools Plans


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