Looking for TfsBindDocument.exe?

A post on the Team Foundation Server Team blog in November (Preparing to upgrade to RTM) mentioned that the upgrade tools for moving to Team Foundation Server RC/RTM would include a utility called TfsBindDocument.exe.

The purpose of the utility was to unbind Microsoft Project plan (MPP) and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (XLS) from Team Foundation Server Beta 3 Refresh so you could bind them to the RC/RTM release.

That utility didn’t ship in the upgrade tools after all; however, if you need to accomplish this task, Yogita Manghnani posted the necessary steps in the MSDN Forums (Unassociate mpp with a team project).


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  1. JonathanNTU says:

    Yogiya’s solution is a much neater solution than mine (http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=161457&SiteID=1) where I ended up disabling the TFS Project plugin first and doing it from within Project itself.

    This was necessary for us as the TFS Server name had changed between fresh installations of the Betas and so Project was refusing to open the project with the link whilst the plug-in was loaded.

  2. Manish Agarwal blogs on overriding precedence for properties in MSBuild.

    Josh Ledgard tells us that…

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