TDD in Agitator and Team System

Today, I received e-mail from Tim Anderson of Tim Anderson’s ITWriting that he wrote an article on Reg Developer comparing Agitator and Team System’s testing tools, and their use in Test-Driven Development (TDD) (Agitating Java and testing Windows).

Team System is a huge step forward for Microsoft, bringing testing into the heart of the development process. That said, I would prefer to see less emphasis on the distinct Tester role and more emphasis on test-driven development. Some features in the Tester edition, like test management and web tests, should also be in the Developer version. This sort of product partitioning is always frustrating, especially for small teams or solo developers, who will still need the full suite

From: Agitating Java and testing Windows | The Register

A frequent point of discussion on Team System centers around the role-specific offerings, and why one feature or another is not included in another role-based product. We have some who applaud the recognition of the specialized tester role, while others trumpet the generalization of software roles, which is most evident in organizations following agile methodologies.

There’s an interesting thread related to this in the comments to David Anderson’s post (Cay We Build a Software Factory?).

The role-based SKUs are offered because of customer demand for a crimped product at a lower price. As it is difficult to predict the precise requirements for crimping, we offer a selection of three. We had to give them names, and those names were chosen around roles. It is probably not the best choice.

You will never find the MSF folks talking about Team System other than holistically, to really get the full benefit in terms of ROI we believe that you need the whole system and that you need to utilize the methodology including the reporting and the management guidance around reporting that we provide.

From: David Anderson in comments on Cay We Build a Software Factory?


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  1. Simon says:

    Sorry I don’t buy this.  Throughout the beta program Team System was one item and it only as it went to market that it was evident that it would be possible to spin one product into 4 (3 editions + 1 suite) and thus charge more not less.

    Partners & ISVs are up in arms about the fact that they are not getting access to VSPro and not Team System for Software Dvelopers let alone Team Suite.

    I can scarely believe that TS4SD doesn’t include the website testing tools that are specific to Tester and Suite.  There doesn’t even seem to be anything like Application Test Center either.

  2. Rob Caron points us to a process guidance print tool. He also talks about TDD in Agitator and Team System….

  3. RobCaron says:

    We’ve always advertised Team System as consisting of the role-based products and the all-in-one Team Suite. Throughout the betas we shipped Team Suite because it allowed us to beta everything in one package.

    Partners do have access to these products through their benefits package (see From that post:

    "Registered Partners in the Microsoft Empower for ISVs program and Certified Partners are now receiving Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition with MSDN Premium Subscription as part of their new benefits package…"

    "Partners at the Gold Certified level, and Certified Partners in the ISV or Custom Developer Solutions Competency, are receiving an expansion of benefits by being upgraded to the new Team System features found in Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Developers with MSDN Premium Subscription"

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