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In a forum post last month (MSF 4 CMMI Implementation), Vinay Mishra asked where to get a printable version of MSF for CMMI Process Improvement. At the time, I told him there really wasn’t a solution for this. However, Mariano Szklanny sent me an e-mail last week saying that he has built a tool for doing just that. You can find the full details in his blog post about it.

Looking for a printable version of MSF Process Guidance? This tool generates single html printer-friendly documents from Process Guidance source files. Simply browse for the 'Source' folder of the Process Guidance you want to print, select the documents you want (Workstreams, Activities, WorkProducts, Work Items and/or Roles) and you're done!

From: Mariano Szklanny : Process Guidance Print Tool


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  1. Harris says:


    I noticed, while working with tool you mentioned, that the source files for the Process Templates are not exported when you download a Process Template from within VS2k5.  I’m running TFS RC, upgraded from B3R.  Will the final release of TFS not provide the source for the Process Templates?  When I downloaded the templates while running B3R, the source came out as well, but not with the RC release.

    Am I missing something?



  2. Rob Caron points us to a process guidance print tool. He also talks about TDD in Agitator and Team System….

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