Estimating Data Growth in Team Foundation Server

Buck Hodges has a great post that analyzes some empirical data from our own dogfooding of Team Foundation Server. He uses it to arrive at a space estimation formula you can use to guesstimate how much disk space you may need. At a minimum, you’ll gain an understanding of how data size grows in Team Foundation Server.

I wonder if there’s enough information here to develop a utility for forecasting stuff like disk space constraint, kind of like the “miles to empty” readouts you find in cars.

Recently someone asked how to estimate the space required for the databases on a Team Foundation Server. To do that, we can take a look at our own dogfood server to see where the space goes. With that information and some knowledge of how the system works, we can come up with a useful way to estimate the approximate space required by the TFS databases.

From: Buck Hodges : Determining the amount of space required to store files and work items


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