Team Foundation Server and the Future

As Team Foundation Server packs its bags and prepares to head out the door, we’re turning up the heat on product planning for the next release of Team System. This is that magical time that reminds me of what Walt Disney called imagineering. Everything seems possible, and meetings fill with questions that start with, “What if …?” What are your dreams for Team System? What didn’t you see in v1 that you desperately want to see in vNext? Before reality sets in and we have to figure out what really is vNext, watch the various Team System blogs and forums for posts like this seeking your input and let us know what you think.

With V1 now mostly behind us we're starting to look ahead to what comes next. We're collecting the lists of everything we wished we had been able to V1 and all of the suggestions that we've gotten from customers - forums, email, MSDN Product Feedback Center, etc. We're also taking a high level look at what the core value proposition(s) for our next release should be and what timeframe we should be targeting. In V1 our core value proposition was integration. We set out to build, from the ground up, a set of lifecycle tools that are well integrated - thus enabling people from many different roles to work together and have access to a broad array of information that is indexed and corrolated to allow better communication among the team and management and more predictabilty for the schedule.
What next? There are many questions we need to answer and we want your input.

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  1. Christopher Young says:

    I would like to see the following things:

    -Tighter integration with Project Server

    -Ability to have sub-tasks

    -Better merging and comparison(Beyond Compare)

  2. Rob Caron says:

    In a previous post (Team Foundation Server and the Future), I mentioned that our product team was asking…

  3. I think it already has the abbility to make subtasks? Doesnt it?

    I saw an screenshot I dont remember where, where you can associate a task to a requirement, or to another task.

  4. Jon Stonecash says:

    I was putting together a writeup on source code control in TFS in comparison to VSS.  When I got to labels, I started off writing that labels are the same in TFS and VSS.  However, as I was playing around, I realized that I could not find a way to display the labels and change sets at the same time.  

    What I would like is the ability to mark a "non-code" event with a label (e.g., "showed the application to the user community and got cheers from them") and have that show up along with the changesets to provide a richer history.

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