Is Team System Changing Everything?

Much to my chagrin, I forgot about David Anderson’s presentation on MSF for CMMI Process Improvement at Monday’s meeting of SeaSpin. I’ve been on their mailing list since last year when I found them through a separate Construx list.

I wasn’t reminded of this until I read this new blog that has some interesting observations about the impact of Team System beyond the obvious, which is refreshing. It seems like an extension of what I previously called the Team System Epiphany.

Last night, it finally hit me [after a SeaSpin Chapter meeting]…It’s something that I’ve been thinking for at least 6 months, but couldn’t find a way to express it. What is it? I’m sure some people are aware of the amount of changes that will be triggered by VSTS [yeah, Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2005]. But, what I’m talking about goes beyond the developers’ space, I’m talking about the impact on the "business ecosystem" surrounding them.

From: Life in Orange: Spin me: Is VSTS changing everything?


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  1. John Lawrence posts their Team Foundation Dogfood Statistics for February.

    It’s Rob Caron time:

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