Now Blogging – Robert Horvick

We borrowed Robert Horvick from another team at Microsoft last year (Where I've been ... Team Foundation Source Control Proxy), and I guess he enjoyed his time with us because he’s now a developer working full-time with the Team Foundation Version Control team (Keeping TFS Version Control in synch).

Today, Buck Hodges pointed to Robert’s blog and a series of in-depth posts he wrote on merge history in Team Foundation Version Control. We’ll be adding Robert’s blog to the burgeoning list of Team System bloggers (Visual Studio Team System Blogs) this week.

Robert Horvick, now a dev on the version control team, has been writing a series of posts on using the branch and merge API methods. If you want to explore that area, I recommend checking out his posts.

From: Buck Hodges : Robert Horvick's blog posts on branch and merge history


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