Last Call – Setup Survey Closing After Today

The Team Foundation Server Release Candidate Survey is coming to an end! You have only today to qualify for the limited-edition t-shirt. There are still a few left for those who finish the survey and send the requested log files. Thanks very much to those who already completed the survey. Your feedback is most appreciated. The overall response has been very positive! If you tried installing Team Foundation Server early on and never looked back, I strongly encourage you to see how far we’ve come.


Comments (2)

  1. Doug says:

    Rob: Enterprise resource management (i.e. integration to Project Server) is sorely needed.

    I understand there is a connection tool on GotDotNet, but it appears there has been no activity on that project since late October 2005.

    Anyhow, enterprise managet is needed.  Currently, if a resource takes a vacation, and since VSTS/TFS uses local resources, the resources’ calendar in each of the projects he is a member of, must be updated.  This is very inefficient.

  2. daniel says:

    D’après Piyush, un ‘Developer Solution Specialist’ chez Microsoft,qui blogue régulièrement sur Team System,…

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