Team Foundation Server RC Survey and T-Shirts

We found a discrepancy in the deadline for submitting survey feedback to be eligible for one of the limited edition t-shirts. The page on MSDN I wrote (Team Foundation Server Release Candidate Survey) mistakenly had 2/17 (today) as the final date. However, the survey form states the final day to submit feedback and be eligible for the t-shirt is next Tuesday, February 21st. The survey form is correct. We just updated the MSDN page with the right date. I’m sorry for the confusion.

That said, we still haven’t reached our limit of 300 t-shirts. If you haven’t submitted feedback already, please do so soon.


Comments (3)

  1. Preview 6 of Teamprise is now available for registered users to download (registration is free). This release is compatible with the RC version of Team Foundation Server only – Beta 3 and Beta 3 refresh users should stick with Preview…

  2. Ken Agoglia says:

    Web and Load testing tools nicely improved from ACT in 2003. It would be nice to have better documentation, scernarios, and troubleshooting articles availible. MSPress should really consider putting together a book devoted to just the testing tools and just on the entire Test System.

  3. Rob Caron says:

    It looks like the t-shirts we promised to the first 300 who provided feedback in our setup survey…

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