MSDN Magazine – Extending Team Foundation Server to Enable Continuous Integration

My March 2006 issue of MSDN Magazine arrived today and it has an article by Ben Waldron on extending Team Foundation Server to support continuous integration (Agile Development: Extend Team Foundation Server To Enable Continuous Integration).

It looks like Ben wrote the article in the Beta 3 timeframe, so I’m uncertain if the provided sample will work with Team Foundation Server RC, or not.

An updated version of the sample that accompanies a similar article that we previously published in the MSDN Library (Continuous Integration Using Team Foundation Build) should be available very soon.

Many development teams have adopted "agile" methodologies to manage change and to improve software quality. These methodologies promote continuous integration as a practice to build and test software products incrementally as new features are included, bugs are fixed, and code is refactored. So how does Visual Studio® 2005 Team System and Team Foundation Server facilitate the process of agile development and continuous integration?

This article answers that question by creating an example project using agile concepts such as test-driven development (TDD) using the new unit testing features in Visual Studio 2005 Team System. After the project is completed, I'll show how to create a team project using Team Foundation Server and use this technology's extensibility features to build a custom Web service that enables continuous integration to build the application as code is checked into source control.

From: MSDN Magazine, March 2006


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  1. Arnaud Fontaine says:

    I acknoledge the beta 3 refresh sample does not work with the RC version of TFS, because of a BuildProxyUtilities refactoring. This class was used to retrieve BuildController with the GetBuildControllerProxy, which is no longer avalaible.

    I really nead an update of the sample and waiting for it since last week. Do you have a short sample handling BuildController with RC version of TFS, to ahead without an update of the sample.

  2. Ben Waldron says:


    Due to the release cycle for MSDN Magazine, the article was published as of Beta 3.  I’ll post some new revised samples soon that represent the scanario in the article.  Until then, you should be able to get to the BuildController like below:

    localhost.BuildController bc = new localhost.BuildController();

    bc.Url = "http://localhost:8080/TeamBuild/BuildController.asmx";

    bc.Credentials = System.Net.CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;

    localhost.BuildStartParams params = new localhost.BuildStartParams();


  3. John Lawrence posts their Team Foundation Dogfood Statistics for February.

    It’s Rob Caron time:

  4. Don McRae says:

    Any progress on this yet? The proposed workaround listed above does not work because there is no default constructor for BuildController. The same issue exists for BuildStore. Is there any documentation available on any of the Team Foundation assemblies?

  5. RobCaron says:

    Don – you may want to contact Ben through his blog:

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