Visual Studio 2005 SDK – February CTP

The latest release of the Visual Studio 2005 SDK, the February CTP, is now available for download from the Visual Studio Extensibility site. This release includes the DSL Tools, now apparently known as the Domain-Specific Languages Extensibility Kit. You can also find the Team Planning & Documents from the VS SDK Product Team on the downloads page, too. These docs include a their 12–month plan and the release plan for the March release.

The February CTP is the next milestone in the drive towards the April 2006 v2 release . This CTP contains updated VS Integration sample and documentation content, including updates to the IronPython end-end integration sample. Brand new features of the SDK include the Domain Specific Languages extensibility kit and the Visual Studio Tools for Applications runtime and extensibility kit.

From: VSIP Downloads Page


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  1. John Lawrence posts their Team Foundation Dogfood Statistics for February.

    It’s Rob Caron time:

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