Team Foundation Dogfood Stats – February Update

John Lawrence posted the February update of our Team Foundation Server dogfood stats. See his post for the cool graphics and details.

It's not long since I posted the last numbers, but Brian has just sent around the latest information, so here it is.
Some key points that Brian highlighted:

  • Number of active users is 587 - our target for shipping was 600, so we're close enough to declare victory here!
  • 7 day availability for the TFS server is 100% – We’ve been real close before but it’s fantastic to see that we’ve had no down time in the past 7 days! The 30 day availability is 99.92% - the main problem we've had was the warehouse being offline for a long period while the SQL team helped us debug some issues.

From: John Lawrence (MSFT) : Team Foundation Dogfood Statistics - February


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