New Software Dev Blog for the Blogroll – Tyner Blain

I've added a new blog to my Software Development blogroll - Tyner Blain. It's a relatively new blog (November 2005) from a software consultancy in Texas that is run by Scott Sehlhorst. The blog tackles a variety of topics with a focus on software requirements.

There are a lot of topics in this space that we hope to post about. We have passions about process, requirements, development as an artistic expression, quality, and HCI (human-computer interfaces). We often find things as simple (or mundane) as an elegant algorithm or a brilliant UI affordance to be uplifting. We’ll also be writing collections of posts in series-format, covering topics like use cases, structured requirements, and software testing.

About -Tyner Blain.


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  1. Sorry, I was out for a couple of days.  Here is the really long VSTS Links catchup post.

    Steve Lange…

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