B3R to RC Upgrade Troubleshooting Guide

Just a reminder – for those who do encounter any issues in the upgrade process from Beta 3 Refresh to RC, you can use the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Setup & Administration Forum to seek assistance. It’s also where you’ll find the Upgrade Troubleshooting Guide.

Since many configuration changes are made during the upgrade process, there is a possibility that you may hit an error that is very unique to your system. Keeping this in mind the upgrade utility is designed to be re-runnable. If you hit an error, there is always the option of manually fixing it and re-running the utility.

We are actively monitoring the issues and will be posting updates to the tool frequently. We will post a notification here whenever there is an update to the tool.

B3R to RC Upgrade Troubleshooting guide - MSDN Forums.


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  1. Ashith Raj says:

    Kudos to Microsoft.

    The Long awaited VSTS is out with

    Team Foundation Server Release Candidate Now Available! – Wednesday, February 08, 2006

    Now Full App Life cycle can be underway with MSF, CMMI and Agile processes

    Good news for all the developers, Architect waiting for this release..

    Thanks Microsoft.

  2. Sorry, I was out for a couple of days.  Here is the really long VSTS Links catchup post.

    Steve Lange…

  3. While the so called client SKUs (the three Team Editions plus the Team Suite) were released in November…

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