Team Foundation Server Install – No Longer an Adventure?

I’ve been cruising the Web looking for blog posts from people who have installed Team Foundation Server RC to see how it’s being received. Based on what I’ve seen so far (Upgrading from Team Suite Trial Edition, Beta 3 Refresh) – and at the risk of jinxing myself – it would appear that we’ve taken most of the adventure out of installing the product, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with a hard-earned success. It’s almost as if we installed an aerial tramway on Mount Everest.

So I have now become one of the many that has upgraded to TFS RC and I must say the process was really painless and easy (Your right Martin, it's no fun anymore!) . Following the install and upgrade guide made it a peice of cake so make sure you have a read of them before doing either. You can get an updated version of the install guide here (via Rob).Joe Sango – TFS RC - First Impressions

However, if you do encounter problems with upgrading, there’s a troubleshooting guide (B3R to RC Upgrade Troubleshooting guide) in the Team Foundation Server Setup & Administration Forum, which is the forum to visit when you need an answer.


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  1. I installed the RC today and was surprised and somewhat saddened to find the installation process so anti-climatic (i went in with clentched fists, ready for battle).  I still have a few things to learn about administering TFS – particularly in the security features (and on that note, does the documentation seem sort of unfocused and incomplete or is it just me?).  However, for tonight I am happy just to see that when I navigate the project portal of a new project, even my reports work!

  2. Gary Bushey says:

    I had an interesting error that prevents me from installing TFS on my SQL Server.  We are running Windows Server 2003 64-bit but only running SQL Server 2005 32-bit so TFS, for some reason, does not think SQL Server 2005 is installed!

  3. Marc Kuperstein says:

    Gary, if you pointed at a 64Bit OS we look for SQL to be running native (64Bit).

  4. Sorry, I was out for a couple of days.  Here is the really long VSTS Links catchup post.

    Steve Lange…

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