Checkout != Get Latest

Martin Woodward, one of the brains behind Teamprise (a Java-based client for Team Foundation Version Control), has a great post with snappy illustrations that help explain why you don’t get the latest copy of a file when you do a checkout in Team Foundation Version Control. It’s a new paradigm for Visual SourceSafe users and may lead the uninformed to think there’s a bug somewhere.

If you are using the source control features in Team System then checkout means “Tell the server I want to edit this file and mark that file as writeable in my file system”, at the same time that you check-out the file you also get an option to lock the file using one of three lock types (none, check-out and check-in).

Martin Woodward – Check Out in Team System


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  1. Sean Lynch says:

    It would be nice if I atleast had the option to get a notification, by Visual Studio where there is no visual clues, while checking out that I didnt have the latest version. I have had several really messy merges occur because of this.

    Im not asking for any action other then something to say, "Hey, just to let you know, your copy is out of date." It wouldnt be that bad if the project kept itself in sync with the server, which would give a visual clue.

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