Upgrading to Team Foundation Server RC

As you may have guessed from my previous post (Team Foundation Installation Guide RC), the release of Team Foundation Server Release Candidate is imminent. In fact, it should be available for download from MSDN Subscriber Downloads sometime tomorrow (Tuesday, February 7).

If you are using Team Foundation Server Beta 3 Refresh in a production environment under the go-live license, and you want to upgrade to Team Foundation Server RC, you’ll need the upgrade utility (available separately) and the instructions in the accompanying upgrade guide.

If you are using Team Foundation Server Beta 3, you must first upgrade to Team Foundation Server Beta 3 Refresh before upgrading to Team Foundation Server RC. You can find the instructions for upgrading to Beta 3 Refresh here.

Here’s an overview of the process you’ll need to follow: 

  • Backup your server and copy the data to a safe location (that should be a no-brainer).
  • Download the Team Foundation Server RC from MSDN Subscriber Downloads.
  • Download the Upgrade Utility.
  • Read the upgrade guide that is packaged with the Upgrade Utility.
  • Uninstall Team Foundation Server Beta 3 Refresh.
  • Follow the upgrade instructions, which are included with the Upgrade Utility.
  • Install Team Foundation Server RC.
  • Complete the post install upgrade instructions, which are included with the Upgrade Utility.

After completing your upgrade, you should:


Comments (34)

  1. Thys says:

    The link to the upgrade utility isn’t working yet?

  2. Hi Rob,

    do you know if the Beta3 (non-refresh) client can be used with the RC server?

    I’m stuck using VSTS Release Candidate until we get a new SELECT license signed (and can get the VSTS RTM), so am restricted to using the Beta3 Team Explorer client.


  3. According to Rob Carons Blog, TFS should have a Release Candidate today.  The post I linked to has…

  4. Buck Hodges says:

    The Team Foundation RC should be available for download sometime today, and Jeff Beehler provided a high-level…

  5. Rob Gibbens says:

    Will the upgrade utility work with the Dec CTP, or only with Beta 3?

  6. Rob Caron posts the Team Foundation Installation Guide RC.  He also has a post on upgrading to Team Foundation…

  7. Vasu says:

    Rob – The upgrade utility link is not right. Can you correct it? Thanks

  8. youngcm2 says:

    The 2 KB articles that are listed in the single-server deployment aren’t found.





  9. RobCaron says:

    For those who think the links aren’t working – please see the Note I included in the original post:

    Note   Some of these links won’t work until tomorrow.

  10. RobCaron says:

    There is no upgrade path from the December CTP. See my previous post about this release: http://blogs.msdn.com/499923.aspx

  11. RobCaron says:

    The upgrade utilities are only for Beta 3 Refresh. If you’re running Beta 3, you must first upgrade to Beta 3 Refresh. Also, you must use the version of Team Explorer that is shipping with Team Foundation Server RC to access Team Foundation Server RC.

  12. Upgrading to Team Foundation Server RC via Rob Caron – Time to figure out how to upgrade our Beta…

  13. graceworld says:

    Team Foundation Server Release Candidate will be available for download by MSDN Subscribers later today….

  14. kayers says:

    Is there any documentation on uninstalling Team Foundation Server?  Should we just use AddRemove Programs for the Build, Proxy, and Server?  Are there any reprucussions with Sharepoint configuration?

  15. My VSTS Blog says:

    I’ve just arrived into the office and what should I spy on the MSDN subscriber site but Team Foundation…

  16. Jason says:

    The upgrade docuement make reference to "Upgrading from Team Foundation Server Beta 3 Refresh to the Release to Manufacturing Version (RTM) of Team Foundation Server" the current version is only RC. Is it safe to assume this docuemntation is applicable to the RC version and is intended to be used for the RTM version? Will there be furthur documentation on migrating from the RC version to the RTM version?

  17. RobCaron says:

    The KB bits are located on the Team Foundation Server RC disc image.

  18. Team Foundation says:

    Despite the title, this is the correct document to use to upgrade to the release candidate.

  19. Eric Matz says:

    Pretty smooth install…just a few minor snags with SharePoint and Reporting Services, probably due to residuals from the CTP.  Let the fun begin!

  20. Just in case you missed the news from the bazzilion other blogs announcing this, the TFS RC is now available…

  21. Michael says:

    Please provide download in any other format but exe. Most enterprses today dont allow the donwloading of exes. Zip format is normally ok.

  22. I’m just downloading Team Foundation Server RC from MSDN as I’m writing this and will hopefully have…

  23. That’s right! It became available for MSDN subscribers to download yesterday afternoon. If you are going…

  24. Yesterday the Release Candidate for Team Foundation Server was released on MSDN Subscriber downloads. Upgrading my Beta 3 Refresh installation of Team Foundation Server to the Release Candidate went very smooth.

  25. Damien Silveira says:

    RC Install is throwing an exception on my single server upgrade from Beta 3 refresh.  I have googled the error and it looks like it happened when some people upgraded from Beta 3 to the Beta 3 Refresh.

    The error is:

    "Couldn’t load string ID: 2000 From file: CustomText.1033.dll"

    There are 3 different versions of this resource file out there in the various directories within the distro.  They are dated 7/11/05, 7/15/05 and 11/4/05.  

    atdt has the 7/11 assembly

    I have tried the 7/15 assembly that is in the "at" directory, but that did not work either.  I will try the 11/4 and post the outcome.  



  26. I posted (briefly) the other day about the release candidate being available.  We are trying really…

  27. László Bende says:

    I have TFS beta3 installed, how can I migrate to TFS beta3 refresh, where can I download that?

    Right now there are only the workgroup and trial versions available in msdn subscriptions.

  28. Luis Miguel Huapaya says:

    Yeah, like Chris mentionned earlier, I am unable to locate the hotfix KB912838 on the distribution media? Can someone please tell use where to find this file. Thanks!


  29. Ranko Orlic says:

    Is the Team Explorer that comes with the RTM backwards compatible with TFS beta 3 (not refreshed)? Is there another way I can access both an existing TFS beta 3 (non-refreshed) as well as another TFS RTM instance?

  30. Ca y est, je viens de télécharger la RC de Team Foundation depuis le site des abonnés MSDN ( http://msdn.microsoft.com/subscriptions

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