Team Foundation Installation Guide RC

The Team Foundation Installation Guide for Team Foundation Server RC is now available for download from the Microsoft Downloads Center. Since you don’t have the bits yet, perhaps this would be a wise time to get the installation guide and educate yourself in how to install Team Foundation Server, eh? See this previous post (RTFM) to understand why this is a good idea. Also, here’s the direct link to the CHM file – TFSInstall-60201.chm.

Update 2 – I removed the link to 60201 as it has been replaced with a more recent build. See this blog post  - Team Foundation Installation Guide Updated.

The download page takes a bit to fully propagate with the details about the download. Finally, if you’re having trouble viewing the CHM file (Hey, there’s no content in here!), see this post (Viewing Downloaded CHM Files) before contacting me, please.

Update 1 – For those who are upgrading from Beta 3 Refresh to Team Foundation Server Release Candidate that there will be some special instructions and a utility to help you with that process. I’ll post a link to that info when I have it.


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  1. My VSTS Blog says:

    Rob Caron has posted today that his invaluable Team Foundation Installation Guide is now available for…

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    HttpContext.Current.Cache [Via: Peter

    Johnson ]

    Install and configure Apache…

  3. Rob Caron says:

    As you may have guessed from my previous post (Team Foundation Installation Guide RC), the release of…

  4. Buck Hodges says:

    The Team Foundation RC should be available for download sometime today, and Jeff Beehler provided a high-level…

  5. Rob Caron posts the Team Foundation Installation Guide RC.  He also has a post on upgrading to Team Foundation…

  6. My VSTS Blog says:

    I’ve just arrived into the office and what should I spy on the MSDN subscriber site but Team Foundation…

  7. Rob,

    do you know if TFS RC can talk nicely with the Team Explorer client from Beta 3?

    I’m stuck with using VSTS RC because we’re currently in the middle of resigning our SELECT license agreement, and until that’s done we can’t get the RTM of VSTS.


  8. That’s right! It became available for MSDN subscribers to download yesterday afternoon. If you are going…

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